Europe 2017 – first week July 20th- July 28th

Well our first week has finished but still in France. We left Canada July 19 on Air Transat. A great flight over with the usual good service and comfort of Club class.

Arriving in the UK we stopped at David’s for a quick lunch at the local pub before heading off to our one night accommodation at Leeds

Castle in Kent. Okay the castle was not our accommodation but the Stables at the castle were!! A lovely place to stay with wonderful walks around the castle grounds. Had a very nice dinner in the grounds overlooking the castle.  We went for a short walk afterwards across the golf course and into some wonderful gardens.  A few pictures that Bernadette took and some general photos of the place.

Up early the next morning July 21st  and headed off to the Euro Tunnel to catch our train to France.  Arriving at Folkestone we just drove on to the train and 25 minutes later we drove off in Calais.  I love driving in France- the speed limit is 130 and unless you are doing 140 someone is overtaking you so my speed closer to 150 as I do not like to be overtaken!  Arrive in Le Mans on our way South and stayed at the ‘Le Concorde’ hotel.  Had a casual dinner with a bottle of good French wine at  La Boheme- sat outside and people watched.

July 29th started our trip from Le Mans down to Le Manoir Des Simes in Montaiqu-de-Quency.  Trip took close to 9 hours versus 5 due to traffic etc. We knew we had arrived though  as in the town- there was Gavin with his bicycle, a bottle of beer in his hand talking to a local!  A great week here though the weather was not the best.  Swimming pool not used as much as the normal week in France.  Managed to get in a few nice walks over the week.  Good food every evening and for the first time the ‘children’ even cooked us a dinner!!  I think the girlfriends had a say in this.  Here are a few pictures of the place and the company!

 As usual Michael and Judy arranged for a catered dinner – which was delicious – but before that we had the official photographs taken.


Another great week in France with the family.  We headed off a day early (Friday) to split the long journey in to two days.  Thanks everyone we had a great time.

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