Sir Reginald Seaburne May – Accident

Daily Mirror – Wednesday 20 January 1926

Knight and Family in Motor Smash – 

Colonel Sir Reginald Seaburne May, Director of Organization at the War Office, with his wife, and son and another boy were in a motor-car which ran into a lamp standard and overturned.  The son was badly hurt and a slight operation had to be performed.

Knight’s Car Wrecked

Party thrown out after collision with lamp standard – son in home

While returning from the West End early yesterday Colonel Sir Reginald May, Lady May, their son and a friend were involved in a motor accident at Knightsbridge.

Their car skidded on to a refuge in the centre of the road and then hit a lamp standard.  The standard was much damaged, and the motor-car almost completely wrecked, the occupants being thrown out.

Sir Reginald and Lady May escaped with a severe shaking, but their son was badly cut about the face and had to be taken to a nursing home and a slight operation was performed.

Master Jack Drake, son of Major J.H.Drake of Abbots Langley, was cut about the head, but not badly.  The chauffeur was able to return home after being attended to at St George’s Hospital.


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