Written by
Admiral of the Fleet
Sir William Henry May, G.C.B., G.C.V.O.
1849 -1930


Dates Rank Appointment
1863-1864 Naval Cadet H.M.S. Britannia
1864-1867 Midshipman H.M.S. Victoria
1867-1870 Midshipman and Acting Lieutenant H.M.S Liffey
1870-1871 Sub-Lieutenant H.M.S. Hercules
1871 Sub-Lieutenant H.M.S. Victoria and Albert
1872-1874 Lieutenant H.M.S.Hercules
1874-1875 Lieutenant H.M.S. Excellent and Greenwich- Long Course
1875-1876 Lieutenant H.M.S.Alert. Artic Expedition
1877-1878 Lieutenant H.M.S. Vernon
1878-1880 Lieutenant H.M.S.Vesuviuos
1880-1881 Lieutenant H.M.S. Inconstant
1881-1884 Commander H.M.S. Polyphemus
1884-1887 Commander H.M.Y. Victoria and Albert
1887 Captain H.M.S.Imperieuse. Flag-Captain, China
1891-1893 Captain Naval Attache for Europe
1893-1895 Captain Admiralty, Assistant Director Torpedoes.
1895-1896 Captain H.M.S.Ramillies. Flag-Captain, Mediterranean.
1897 Captain Admiralty, Wire hawser boom defence
1897 Captain H.M.S.Duke of Wellington, Flag-Captain, Portsmouth
1897-1901 Captain H.M.S.Excellent
1901 Captain Admiralty, Director of Naval Ordnance
1901-1905 Rear-Admiral Admiralty, Third Sea Lord and Controller.
1905-1907 Vice-Admiral H.M.S.King Edward VII, Commander In Chief. Atlantic Fleet
1907-1908 Vice-Admiral Admiralty, Second Sea Lord
1908-1911 Admiral H.M.S.Dreradnought. Commander in Chief Home Fleet.
1911-1913 Admiral of the Fleet Commander in Chief. Devonport
1913 Admiral of the Fleet Umpire-in-Chief Naval Manoeuvres
1916 Admiral of the Fleet Member of the Dardanelles Commission
1919 Admiral of the Fleet Member of Committee for Reconstruction of the Navy
1918 Deputy-Lieutenant for the Shire of Berwick
1924 Deputy-Lieutenant for the County of Roxburgh