Genealogy of the May and Crofton Families
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1 #23 shows birth 1867 Melville, Helen (I650)
2 1 son, two daughters and 1 son deceased. Rayner, Irene Frances (I199)
3 1838 - Fellow of New College, BA
1849 - Became Proctor of College
1847-1849 Perpetual Curate - Milton, Island of Portsea, Hampshire
1851 - Vicar South Petherwin
Probate of substantial estate to his sons Thomas Agnew May and Charles Gibbons May, solicitor 
May, Rev Henry Thomas (I613)
4 1841 Chertsey Surrey. Living with widowed mother, sisters Louisa,Elizabeth and Ann Maria, as well as 2 relatives Frances Agnew and Julia Gibbons.
1841 Chertsey Surrey. Living with widowed mother, sisters Louisa,Elizabeth and Ann Maria, and mother’s niece Louisa Gibbons.
1861 Kingston Surrey. Living with relatives in household of Rev. Robert K Gibbons (also member of Parliament), his wife 4 daughters and 1 son.
1871 South Petherwin Cornwall. Living with brother Rev. Henry Thomas May, his wife 2 sons and two sisters

Her Will (faitly substantial) proved by the Executors Rev. Henry Thomas May, brother and Rev. Gibbons of Handley, Dorset. 
May, Caroline Rebecca (I661)
5 1861 Living - Oldland Somerset UK with husban and infant daughter, Husband Rev. is incumbent to Kinswood. May, Elizabeth Charlotte (I2)
6 1881 Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire UK. Living with wife, assistant school master. He is running his own boarding school.
1891 Tavistock Devon UK Living with wife, two duaghters and 2 relatives Guerney. 
May, Thomas Agnew (I611)
7 1881 Royal Naal Lieutenant serving on HMS Superb. HMS Superb was involved in the bombardment of Alexandria Egypt i July 1882.
Oct 10th 1892 - April 2 1896 Captain of Corvette HMS Jyacinth on the Pacific Station (He named hs last daughter after this ship)

Promoted to Rank of Lieutenant Dec 30th 1872
Promoted to Rank of Commnder Aug 7 ?
May was promoted to the rank of Captain on 16 January, 1889, for service in connection with operations at Suakin. He was reported fit for active service on 14 May. On 6 October he was appointed a member of the Ordnance Committee. He was appointed to the Admiralty as Inspector of Warlike Stores on 6 May, 1890. May was nominated to serve on a Committee on Ships Complements on 2 May, 1891. On the occasion of the Queen's birthday May was appointed an Ordinary Member of the Third Class, or Companion, in the Military Division of the Order of the Bath (C.B.) on 25 May, 1892.[3]
On 22 September, 1896, he was appointed in command of the corvette Hyacinth on the Pacific Station. He paid her off into E Division of the Devonport Reserve on 2 April, 1896. From 15 April to 27 May he was appointed to Excellent for a G course. He was appointed a Member of the Ordnance Committee again on 28 May, and on 26 November became senior naval member on the committee.
On 17 November, 1898, May gave a lecture at the R.E. Institute, Chatham, on "The Lessons of the War of 1898 in their Bearing on the Influence of Naval Armaments as Opposed to Coast Defence."[4]
He was appointed in command of the battleship Mars on 5 January, 1899.[5]
Royal Naval College
May was appointed to President, additional, for the Royal Naval College, Greenwich on 18 September, 1900. He was promoted to the rank of Rear-Admiral dated 22 September, 1902.[6]
May died at Greenwich on 24 April, 1904, from gastro-enteritis

Probate of fairly sizeable estate to his widow. 
May, Admiral Henry John C.B. (I615)
8 1891 - Living St Bartholomew Hyde Hampshire UK with grandmother and two aunts. May, John B. (I1259)
9 1901 - Living Hammersmith, London UK Florist - appears to be living by himself
1911 April - Living Kew Surey Uk
His wife appears to be a Florist as well.
Burial service was conducted by his brother Rev. Frederick Granville May
Probate of fairly substantial estate to his wife Helen nee Melville. 
May, Edmund Baldock (I619)
10 1940 -Ordained - Priest
19390-1943 Curate Croydon Parish Church
1943-1950 Curate St Martin-in-the-Fields
1942-1944 Assistant Secretary, Church of England Youth Council
1944-1947 General Secretary
1948, 1954, 1961 Church of England Delegate tp World Council of Churches
1955-1961 Rector Hatfield
1957-1961 Honorary Canon of St Albans
1961-1988 Bishop of Rochester
1961-1988 Church Commissioner
1970-1988 High Almoner to the Her Majesty the Queen
1986-1989 Chairman, Age Concern, England
1988 - K.C.V.O.
1988-2009 Assistant Bishop, Diocese of Canterbury 
Say, Bishop David (I524)
11 2 children Van Panhurgs, Jonkvrouwe G (I304)
12 2nd Lieutenant in the 1st battalion Devonshire Regiment May, 2nd Lieutenant Paul Archer (I624)
13 2nd Lieutenant, N. Rhodesian Regt. Hill, John Aislabie (I527)
14 2nd Quarter Family F437
15 2nd wife Dashwood, Anne (I1045)
16 3 children Van Panburgs, Jonkvrouwe Mathilde (I300)
17 5th Lancers Cunard, Captain Alick May (I207)
18 6lbs 7 oz Parmar, Theo Hari (I1243)
19 7lb 11 oz. McGouran, Evelly Ava (I205)
20 7th Baronet Tancred, Sir Thomas 7th Bt. (I505)
21 8il 2 oz Woods, Lacy Victoria (I200)
22 8lbs 4oz McGouran, Jack Patrick Joseph (I204)
23 9 pounds 1 oz Donahoe, Jake James (I202)
24 A Maltese family
Had 5 children 
de Ataliottis, Maria (I1240)
25 A widow. Rogers (I152)
26 A-28-3 Jacklin, Johanna (I220)
27 Administration of effects -small amount to her husband. Gurney, Mary Penelope (I612)
28 Adopted Bernadette Layton with his brother John.
Kinney, Harry (I161)
29 Adopted by John and his brother Harry Layton, Bernadette (I163)
30 Alowed to adopt the name Naudin by the King’s resolution
Shipowner, Member of the firm Granpre Moliere and ten cate in Amsterdam NL. 
Naudin ten Cate, Albert William (I330)
31 Anworth New Kirkyard Bourne-May, Major James Bourne Seaburne (I52)
32 April 2 1911 Living Alverstoke, Hampshire UK . Widowed, income is private means and Admiralty Pension. Living with 5 duaghters aged 18-26. THe older 4 are employed. Constance and Marjorie are governesses. Melita and Elsie are teachers. THe youngest is a student.. Mends, Constance Ellen (I630)
33 Archibald Dickson of Hassen Deanburn and Burghtrigg

Colonel Archibald DICKSON of Hassen Deanburn, Hawick, County Berwick,Scotland. He was born in 1829, and served in the Scottish Militia, J.P for Berwick and R.A of Chatto, Burghtrigg and Housebyres, DlL for Roxburgh.
The Dickson family were the founders of the firstcommercial forest tree nurseries in Scotland (1729). 
Dickson, Archibald (I39)
34 at 8:18 8lbs 6 oz. Ladines, Byrne McGouran (I203)
35 At home May, Vice-Admiral Sir Arthur William K.C.B., F.R.C.S. (I616)
36 Bachelor Family F118
37 Banns: St Bede Hartington Road, Toxteth, Lancashire, England
Job Seaburne May id i41 - Bachelor of the Parish of St Agnes Toxteth Park
Florence Margaret Chilton id i42- Spinster of this Parish
    First Reading: 20 Mar 1904; Read By: J. A. Howell
    Second Reading: 27 Mar 1904; Read By: John Campbell
    Third Reading: 3 Apr 1904; Read By: John Campbell
    Register: Banns 1899 – 1917, Page 51, Entry 153
    Source: LDS Film 2147908 
Family F25
38 Became 6th baronet on Aug 3 1874 Tancred, Sir Thomas 6th Bt. (I1128)
39 Belonged to the Merchant Taylor’s Guild Price, John (I1237)
40 Belonged to the Merchant Taylor’s Guild and became on Officer of the Guild. Price, Thomas (I1230)
41 Born on June 18th, 1854, the son of the Rev Henry Thomas May, Fellow of New College, Oxford, from 1833-1851, and Vicar of St Petherwin, Cornwall, from 1850. He went to Sherborne School, then to King's College Hospital, and after that passed into the Royal Naval Service, the first of his batch. He served on board HMS Achilles during the Egyptian War of 1882, receiving the Medal and the Khedive's Bronze Star; on the Suakin Expedition; and on the Nile Expedition for the relief of General Gordon. May's gallant conduct on the Sophia before Khartoum in January, 1885, was noticeable, and he was mentioned in dispatches for his attention to wounded under fire. Promoted Staff Surgeon in 1890 and Fleet Surgeon in 1898, he was Principal Medical Officer on HMS Britannia from 1901-1904. From 1905-1909 he served as Deputy Director-General of the Medical Department of the Navy. After being Medical Officer in charge of the Royal Naval Hospital at Chatham he was made CB in 1911, appointed Medical Director-General at the Admiralty with the rank of Surgeon Vice-Admiral, and became KCB in 1914, succeeding Sir James Porter, KCB, KCMG.
He was responsible for the Naval Medical Services during the European War until 1917, and for the very prompt and considerable expansion of the Naval Medical Services by the enrolment of temporary Surgeons RN, and the calling up of Surgeons RNVR, as well as the commissioning of hospital ships, and other emergency measures. The good bill of health of the Navy owed much to his constant supervision. He gave most loyal support to advice received from civilian consultants when cerebrospinal fever broke out early in 1915, and he formulated measures to obviate its spread, and as new knowledge was obtained, modified them accordingly. Circumstances and his inclination required a high standard; he naturally expected much from his subordinates. On the other hand, being rather highly strung, he suffered from inability to save himself labour by delegating work. In June, 1917, his term of office came to an end, and he retired to Tremeer, St Tudy, Cornwall, where he took a prominent part in Red Cross Activities, was Deputy Lieutenant and JP for the county. A keen sportsman all his life, he had been an athlete in his youth. He was seized with paralysis a year before he died at his Cornish home on April 20th, 1925.

1881 Residence HMS Achilles - On census day the vessel was moored off neutral ground in Gibraltar. Arthur William was listed as surgeon on this vessel

Probate -sizeable estate to Aidelaide Gibson May, widow of Charles Henry May, solictor and to Constance Frances May 
May, Vice-Admiral Sir Arthur William K.C.B., F.R.C.S. (I616)
42 Brislington House Brislington Somerset Uk May, Caroline Mary Gurney (I654)
43 Brother to Peter McCartan McCartan, Pat (I186)
44 Came from Liverpool Rayner, Edward William (I37)
45 Cannot trace any information Crofton, John Ernest (I954)
46 Captain in th Royal Navy.
Was a Justice of the Peace. 
Pretyman, Captain Charles Henry Sheffield (I417)
47 Captain in the Dutch Navy and Director of Naval Ordnance - A position he held during the Republic and also under the reign of King Louis Bonaparte.
He was also one of the Commissioners to make plans for a safe harbour for all ships at Nieuwe Deip.
He was a lever Engineer and shipsbuilder. 
May, William (I6)
48 Captain in the Dutch navy.
Collot d’Ecury, Baron Antoine (I228)
49 Chadwelll Heath, Romford Essex Collins, Martin Royce (I43)
50 Charles Edward Piers Crofton, 6th Baron Crofton of Mote usually went by his middle name of Piers.
He was educated at Vienna Austria.
He was educated at Merchant Navy College England.
He succeeded to the title of 6th Baron Crofton of Mote, co. Roscommon [I., 1798] on 13 June 1974.
He succeeded to the title of 8th Baronet Lowther-Crofton, of The Moate, co. Roscommon [I., 1758] on 13 June 1974.
He was a master mariner with Buries Markes (Ship Management) Ltd.
He was registered as a Member, Nautical Institute (M.N.I.).1 
Crofton, Charles Edward Piers (I670)

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