Cillian Sze Harrison

Lukas and Jas are happy to announce the birth of their first baby – Cillian Sze Harrison.  Cillian was born  3:25 pm on September 25th 2020 at University College London Hospital UK.  His weight at birth was 6lbs 12 ozs.  

Lukas and Jas are so happy to welcome Cillian in to this world – he will be one of those babies born into the “Covid pandemic” period.  I know both sets of Grandparents would love to hold him in their arms but with both grandparents living thousands of miles away, the Covid restrictions prevent this.  Zoom, WhatsApp  and FaceTime have let them feel as close to Cillian  as possible.  That magical moment for Lukas and Jas to hand Cillian over for a grandparent hug will happen and what a moment that will be for all.

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