Arthur Edward Lowther (Midge) 4th Baron – Wounded

Irish Independent – Wednesday 23 June 1915

The Scotsman – Wednesday 23 June 1915

Edinburgh Evening News – Tuesday 22 June 1915

Dundee Evening Telegraph – Tuesday 22 June 1915

London Evening Standard – Wednesday 23 June 1915

Dublin Evening Telegraph – Tuesday 22 June 1915


Reported Wounded

(Special Telegram) Roscommon, Tuesday

 The report  reached Roscommon  last night that Lord Crofton, who has been engaged in England since  shortly after the outbreak of war,, instructing recruits, has been wounded. It seems, that Lord Crofton, who holds  the rank of Major, paid a special visit to the firing line in France for the purposes of securing from personal experience information in regard to trench formation, and to be able to give recruits practical instruction on the subject.  During a recent engagement he was in an observation trench in front of the firing line watching operations through a field glass.  A German sniper’s bullet smashed the field glass, and a portion of the broken glass inflicted a wound on one of his Lordship’s eyes.  Two of Lord Crofton’s sons have recently joined the Royal Artillery and Flying Corps, respectively, and will shortly leave for the front.

Irish Independent – Wednesday 12 January 1916












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