Captain Edward Price – A few facts


Captain Price had a ‘Scrap Book’ that contained many items relating to Price and Villa Frere  Below are copies of some of the interesting aspect of his life.


Two Cards from Buckingham Palace from the Queen 

1st card; a few flowers for you with my best wishes for your recovery, hoping you are not suffering great pain  Mary R  Dated Feb 18th 1917







2nd card For Captain Price from the Queen who is glad to hear his progress.  Dated Feb 23rd 1917









Misida Church Donation

















GRAND FETE at Villa Frere on April 17th 1896

  In todays funds (2021) One hundred pounds is equilvelant to 14,000 Euro. That amount of funds today would go along way to help the poor and I am sure back in 1896 those funds were very much appreciated.

Gardening – Another past time was Edward Price’s love of gardening as only the history of Villa Frere can tell.  But only did he achieve great success in his own garden he wanted Maltese to succeed as well.  

 Theatre – Edward and his wife Guissepina loved theatre.  Not only did they raise funds through theatre Edward also performed a few roles in certain shows as did his daughters.   The little Sisters of the Poor seemed to be one of their favourites.




Arctic Expedition  – Lecture



Arctic Lecture by Edward Price …. It would not be unusual for a Naval officer to have an interest in naval Expeditions such as the George Nares Arctic Expedition 1875-1876 but what I find amazing about this lecture is what perhaps Edward Price did not know. It turns out that my great grand father on my fathers side of the family went on this Expedition as a Lieutenant (later ended up as Admiral of the Fleet) This in itself is a coincidence but even more to the point was that Edward Price’s eldest daughter Mary Emma, born 1988 ended up marrying the Admiral youngest son Archibald. At the time of this lecture I am sure there was no romance between the two. Little did he know when giving this lecture and having Admiral Markham in the audience that his daughter’s future Father in law was the person that rescued Markham of the Polar ice when he got into trouble

On a further side issue after lengthy research Edward Price as a midshipman and the Admiral (then an Acting Lieutenant served on the same boat H.M.S. Liffey as part of the “Flying Squadron’ trip around the world in 1866. 


Misida School Children visit to Villa Frere

Naval League

 Two more further lectures by Edward Price

Camera Club


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